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  • Airmousse for bicycles are designed to protect the rim and allows you to have a lower air pressure in the tires to ensure stability and an optimal grip.
  • The tire foam inserts fill up to 80% of the tire’s volume and keeps the tire in place in the event of puncture.
  • In the event of puncture in the tire you will still be able to finish the ride thanks to its stability with the foam insert.
  • We can guarantee 300h of riding with the same mousse!
  • Number one choice for professional riders thanks to its outstanding protection and durability.
  • Perfect fit and flexibility in the mousse makes an easy installation.
  • Cushion protection to tire and rim at all times!
  • Airmousse has a wide selection of off road tire foam inserts from 35 Ø - 55 Ø and rim size 27,5 and 29.
  • To complete the tire foam inserts Airmousse has high quality valves to guarantee an effortless ride.
  • The package contains 1 unit, for a complete set, add 2 pieces to your cart.
  • Diameter: 55 mm / 2.17"