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  • Working with the world’s best downhill riders has allowed us to develop top-level braking performance.
  • When designing the all-new Trail EVO we wanted to create a brake system for the specific needs of modern mountain bikes.
  • With the added speed and potentially weight from an electric motor and battery, these bikes will typically generate more heat than a typical mountain bike.
  • The Trail EVO system combines the latest technology in braking with existing technology developed on the World Cup Downhill race circuit.
  • The result is not a rebranded downhill brake, but rather a system that will meet the unique needs of today’s mountain bikes.
  • Technology:
  • 2.3 mm Brake Disc: 8% improved heat resistance, 47% improved lateral stiffness, 223mm & 220mm rotors – more braking power for larger 29" wheels.
  • Ergonomic Brake Levers: Aluminium alloy. Ergonomic 1-finger positioning. Textured surface for increased drip.
  • Performance Mineral Oil: Lower viscosity for higher flow. Increased heat resistance up to 230°C. Improved heat dissipation.
  • E-Brake Rated: Greater stability. Improved oil flow rate. Improved rear brake response. Faster venting.
  • New CNC Disc Adapter: CNC milled. Increased stiffness and a clean fit. Simple product marking.
  • 5 mm Brake Line: Increased rigidity for greater hydraulic pressure. Improved thermal stability. Optimized for internal routing.
  • New Brake Pads: New organic compound (blue). Improved heat resistance. Reduced bedding-in time. Lower noise!
  • 10 mm Brake Lever Piston: New hydraulic ratio for more power. Optimized for 1-finger braking. Reduced arm pump and fatigue.
  • Weight: 207 g.
  • Scope of delivery: Contents: TRP Trail EVO disc brake (1); TRP brake hose (1); insert (2); olive (3); compression hose nut (1); bolts (2) and cover (1).
  • Front Brake