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  • The most agile of the AM tyres: optimum steering control for demanding rides
  • MORE GRIP: Grip compound : Bi-lateral rubber for incredible grip so you can let rip as you ride thanks to the Gum-X 3D Technology
  • MORE ROBUST: High endurance and robust blend for trail and all mountain riding with a 3 x 60 TPI casing with the addition of a high density reinforced casing ply thanks to the Trail Shield Technology. Validated by Enduro World Series racers
  • MORE MILES : Thanks to a blend of a new tread and a complete new rubber compound to provide more longevity
  • Gum-X 3D: The new generation of top performance rubber. With a blend of three different rubbers : race underlay compound, traction compound and grip compound
  • Trail Shield Technology : A new generation of architectures and protection for tyres which combine high density fiber