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  • Developed for the front with better grip at high SPEED for experts
  • The tire chosen by those Enduro competitors seeking top performance
  • More SPEED thanks to a tread pattern designed for the front wheel. Its block design provides more progressivity and terrain versatility
  • More grip thanks to the new MAGI-X² rubber compound providing maximum braking and cornering grip in all conditions (dry, wet) and temperatures (hot, cold)
  • More strength thanks to the strong, LIGHTweight "Gravity Shield" 3x60 TPII casing designed for Enduro riding and its high-density reinforcement
  • New, MAGI-X² generation of rubber designed for experts with improved grip at very high SPEED, more grip versatility and performance than with older Magi-X generations
  • Casing: GRAVITY SHIELD (wild enduro front): NEW 3 x 60 TPI CASING with high-density reinforcements, LIGHTer, more comfortable and robust, tailored to Enduro racing
  • Tire co-developed with and validated by Adrien Dailly, Jérôme Clementz, Rémy Absalon and Pierre-Edouard Ferry