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  • More grip for training use and fun rides
  • More protection thanks to the "Bead To Bead Protection" which optimizes puncture resistance
  • The tread gives more grip and the height of the lugs is particularly tailored to front-wheel use
  • More mileage thanks to the robust "Trail Shield" 4x60 TPI casing which allows you to ride safely for longer
  • A similar design to the Competition range
  • Trail Shield: New generation of reinforced casing for more robustness for a more engaged ride
  • More LIGHTweight with the possibility of rolling at low pressure (with Tubeless): limited punctures thanks to the ready tubeless technology
  • The Michelin AM ranges are co-developed, tested and approved by top endurance riders (Nicolas Vouilloz / Karim Amour / Rémy Absalon)