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  • Aggressive Enduro tyre for extreme and loose conditions, from dry loam to sticky mud. The tall profile and widely spaced tread pattern cuts into and grips any kind of loose or soft terrain
  • The Scorpion™ Enduro S is the best choice for any Enduros with soft terrain where grip and reliability are key factors
  • The SmartGRIP Gravity Compound is the reacing-ready option of the Scorpion™ MTB range, it is a formulation derived from decades of motocross know-how and the precious feedbacks of former downhill world champions
  • SmartGrip Gravity Compound: softer, tear resistant, better grip in any weather condition, high stability and control at high speed, single-compound formulation
  • The HardWall is a reinforced MTB casing that features a bead-to-bead protection together with an insert of hard rubber above the bead making it a construction capable of handling the most aggressive riding styles
  • The multiple reinforcement integrated with the carcass deliver a solid support when riding a low inflation pressure, especially thanks to the thick rubber insert which easily handles hight weight loads and prevents pinch flats
  • The result is a 60tpi mountain bike casing which is very stable at low inflation pressure increasing its reliability and the riding quality
  • The HardWall casing is especially designed for trail and enduro riding