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  • The Scorpion Sport XC H is the tyre designed for your hardapacked courses. Low profile and compact tread pattern for riding quick and confidently over hardpack terrain.
  • The combination of the 60tpi ProWall casing with sidewall protections and the Procompound Endurance, developed specifically for the Scorpion Sport product family, provides great resistance to punctures and cuts, ensuring product reliability and durability.
  • Compound: The Procompound Endurance is a Cap & Base compound which has been developed specifically for the Scorpion Sport XC. Of the two layers of rubber that make up the compound, only one is always in contact with the ground. The formulation has been designed to offer an uniform behaviour even when worn, for a comfortable riding style which will last longer.
  • Structure/Casing: The ProWALL (60 TPI) features a sidewall protection that enhances the puncture resistance and the handling at low inflation pressure. The sidewall is reinforced with an extra layer of nylon that increases the resistance against penetration and cuts while stabilizing the tyre at low inflation pressure for a confident ride over any kind of terrain. The ProWALL is a solid option for XC racing, trail riding and enduro when paired with different carcass constructions, namely of 120 and 60tpi.
  • Tubeless ready.
  • Tire: folding tire.
  • Weight: 703g.