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  • S-Mud is a rear mudguard that is directly attached to the saddle rails. Now we are adding to the range a special S-Mud designed for MTB bikes, to offer an increase and better mud and s pray protection.
  • Now all bicycles and styles of riding are covered with S-Mud range.
  • Clip the mudguard with one hand in a few seconds!
  • Clean design to assure visual integration with all bicycles and avoid extra weight.
  • No tools required to clip or unclip!
  • Compatible with all bicycles since there is an adjustment of the mudguard angle.
  • The adjustment of the angle is also fast: unfasten the screw with an Allen key – adjust the angle –Tighten the bolt.
  • The product's main innovation it's the simplicity to install or remove the mudguard according to the weather conditions.
  • S-Mud integrates itself perfectly into the mountain bike saddle rails and promises optimum protection against splashing water.
  • Fitted in your MTB in just a couple of seconds it´s your new ally against muddy splashes.
  • Fits 26'' to 29'' wheels.
  • Compatible with 7 mm saddle rail.
  • Section Dimension: 125 mm.
  • Total Dimension: 380 mm.
  • Weight: 86 g / 0,19 lb.