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  • S-Mud is a rear mudguard which is applied to the saddle rails. Its placement and removal is extremely simple and will not take more than a few seconds.
  • With a clean design, its aesthetic merges with the aesthetics of the bike, its protective function is fulfilled and the rider hardly even notices that the mudguard is applied.
  • S-Mud is available in two sizes: a shorter one (350 mm), and a longer one (460 mm).
  • Its fixing system is extremely simple. The most carefree cyclists have no more excuse to reach their destination muddy! It offers mud and splash protection for all bikes and all styles of cycling.
  • Its lightness is iconic and a plus with respect to its functionality. It does not require any tools for its application, only a No. 5 key is needed to fix the Mudguard to the desired height.
  • The possibility of adjusting the height makes it possible to make the mudguard more compatible with all bikes. It offers maximum protection against mud in all terrains and situations. The main innovation of the product is the user-friendly feature without any loss of functionality.
  • Its simple mounting system allows the rider to easily remove the mudguard in drier weather conditions or even for safer transport avoiding any damage to the mudguard.
  • Fits 26" to 29" wheels.
  • Short Version: Length = 350mm, Weight = 54g/ 0,12 lb.